1. Digital InkIt may corrode the print head in a lower degree and has exceptional stability in respect of intermittent printing, long-term storage as well as printing at either high or low temperatures.
    1. PrintheadIn addition to these two types of inks, XAAR print heads also support other types of inks including UV curing type, oil-based type, and dye sublimation type.
    1. Printing Media

Digital Ink Manufacturer

DETURE Jetink Technology, previously known as Limei Jetink, started business in 2000. We are a leading company specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling jet ink. Our products are widely used in advertisement industry, textile industry, and ceramic industry.

Taking market and customer demand as the guide, DETURE has always been committed itself to the construction of LIMEI Brand. With the introduction of internationally advanced development and production technology, the quality and color of the ink have been improved, greatly. In addition, the scientific and reasonable marketing strategy successfully enhances the brand awareness in the international market. Our digital ink is highly recognized and appraised by the customer home and abroad.

    1. Solvent Ink
    2. Solvent InkThe solvent ink has better chroma luminance and color saturation.
      It can flow out of the print head smoothly. The viscosity will change to a small extent as the temperature alters. When being used ...
    1. Dye Ink
    2. Dye InkThe print has fine quality but fails to resist water. Additionally, since dye molecules will discompose rapidly under the influence of ultraviolet irradiation, it will obviously fade when used outdoors ...
    1. Pigment Ink
    2. Pigment InkThey contain sharp odor and are suitable for coated PVC print media. The UV type for outdoor use, as the name suggests, is made in line with the UV curing principle. It is applicable to uncoated print ... More
    1. Piezo Inkjet Ink
    2. Piezo Inkjet InkBecause of the quick drying performance as well as outstanding edge effects, the piezo inkjet ink can maintain bright colors as well as highly clear effects when applied to various kinds of printing media.
    1. UV Dye Ink
    2. UV Dye InkThe product boasts exceptional smoothness and stability, as well as high resistance to oxidation and UV while having no strong odor or poison. Since the dye is prevented from absorbing the UV, the ink will not change color or scale off from the printing media.
    1. Sublimation Ink
    2. Sublimation InkThrough heating, the images can be transferred onto the various materials in a very short period of time, including delicate porcelain, metal, real silk, chemical fiber cloth, etc., with the characteristics of photo-level quality, high color fidelity, great image resolution ...
    1. Eco-Solvent Ink
    2. Eco-Solvent InkOur product owns rich and bright colors, vivid effects, wide color gamut as well as wonderful color expression.
      It is waterproof and wear resistant.
      The product is made of imported raw materials, thus owning satisfying dispersive stability ...
    1. UV Curing Ink
    2. UV Curing InkAfter being stored at high temperatures for 8 months, there are no abnormal phenomena, such as the agglutination, sinking and layering of pigments, etc. After curing, the ink has higher hardness, greater adhesive force, better resistance to scraping ...
    1. Digital Ink Manufacturer
      Solvent Ink, Water Based Ink,
      Eco-Solvent Ink, UV Curing Ink
  • Technical Support
    1. Print Head Testing
      The print head to be tested should not be added with ink. It is installed in the positions not for the black ink.
    1. Ink Selection Guidelines
      At present, there are numerous inkjet printers in the market, such as HP, Epson, Canon, Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh, DGI, Infinity, Scitex, Nur, Vutek, etc.

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